Testimonial Letter from Dolores

Newspaper articleGood morning Jim,

It’s always such an uplifting delight hearing from you. This article came out two years ago and it came up on Facebook today, as a memory. I never shared with you that I told them my favorite book was yours (see window on right of pic).

I always keep your book handy and opened it this morning; as you can see we met 12 years ago this month…where have the years gone?

Handwritten noteYou made such a wonderful, unselfish offer regarding the purchase of your book. Every Christmas comes around and I think of it too late to order copies from you. I’d like to take you up on your kind offer and order a dozen at your new price, as I know of many right now who would be helped sooo much by your words. Please let me know if this is possible, how I might get them and how much I owe you.

I sure hope those around you and those who read your words appreciate you…I sure do.

Stay well and keep safe!

Warmest regards,