Customized Workshops

Jim Ryan is a motivational speaker whose programs are customized to meet the needs of each sponsor and audience. As a professional speaker, Jim will spend as much time as needed to understand the issues and challenges that each individual audience faces. These efforts make for a meaningful experience for each audience he addresses. A truly gifted inspirational speaker, Jim’s message gets to the heart of his audiences.

A talented musician, Jim’s guitar playing and singing in each program serves to disarm his audiences and put them in a relaxed mood to receive his down to earth, insightful messages.


1. “Simple Happiness, 8 Characteristics of Happy People”

This is one of Jim’s signature programs. Thousands have been inspired and motivated to take charge and live happier more joyful lives and in the process they are able to be more open to receive God;s Graces and experience God’s steadfast Love.  Jim challenges his audiences to look within to recognize who they really are, children of God. Audiences set the intention to live the lives they are called by Christ to live: lives of Joy and Giving. Happy people are in a wonderful position to serve others and share God’s love. They are able to put stress and worry behind them and truly start to live heaven on earth.

The talk discusses characteristics of Happy People:

1. Intention

2. Accountability

3. Know what Makes You Happy (find time to do it)

4. Follow Your Bliss

5. Recasting

6. Options

7. Appreciation

8. Giving

Jim has the ability to turn profound concepts into easily understood solutions. With quotes, humor, anecdotes and song, the program has folks leaving excited about the possibilities of deepening their relationship with God.

His guitar playing and singing lightens up the program and helps solidify the concepts presented.


2. “Managing Thought, the Key to Experiencing God’s Love.”

Jim’s second signature program is also a very thought-provoking seminar. Here you will begin to understand that the thoughts you choose to hang on to either bring you closer to God or take you further from God. A more Christ like life is just a thought away. We discuss strategies for ridding ourselves of the negatives and worries that tend to shut out God’s Grace. We are the ones who have the power to make out whole lives a prayer by setting our minds to focus on God’s Love for us. No matter where you find yourself in life you will gain Hope for a better life. With God all things are possible. Joy will begin to stream into our lives.


We Discuss:

Self Awareness
The Nature of Thought (a thought is just a thought)
Your Happiness Quotient (our self talk)
Creating New Pathways
Gratitude is the Place to Start
One Word Can Change Everything

3. “Start to Live Heaven on Earth.”

This is where the retreat is leading. Why wait until we pass into our future heavenly lives to experience the joy and happiness that can be ours now, right here on earth. So much of our Joy or sadness is the result of our perspective, how we see and process things. Jesus taught us how to live. He showed us the Way. This session will give you a jump start to live the life you were called to live: a life of love and service.

We Discuss:

What Will Heaven Be Like?

What Did Jesus Tell Us About Heaven?


How Did You Enjoy My Creation

The Starfish Story

There’s More There Than Meets the Eye

It’s All Made Up Anyway

The Piano Story

The Lumber Story

Our Greatest Fear

St. Mother Teresa’s Prayer