Feedback From Our Audience

“I really enjoyed your presentation. Before, I was feeling very down. After your talk I felt for the first time that I had hope that I could find happiness again.Thank you so much for this wonderful talk and  for  giving of your time. I want you to know that you have made a difference in my life.” Stephanie C.

“This retreat was a wonderful experience. I feel a surprising sense of joy. You have given me a different perspective on my life and my Faith.” Sunny P.

” A sincere talk. It was relatable and not preachy. May the Lord be with you, Mr. Ryan.” Mary Ann W.
“God bless you and your family. You gave us such wonderful and inspiring information in this day of negativity.” Audrey L.

“God really wanted me here tonight. It was meant to be. I needed a little joy and that is exactly what  i found. Thank you.” Karen D.

“Fabulous! You did make my life better today. So many of the things  you suggested, I am already doing. That made me feel great. You’re a fabulous speaker.” Nancy R.

“Thank you for a great night, filled with  lots of good food for thought.” Ellen V.

“I love your stories. I got so much out of it already. I am going to start to volunteer.” Kathryn B.

“I absolutely love your positive energy. You have a left a great inspiring impact on me. thank you.”  Anthony D.

“I think you should make a CD. Your voice  has an excellent quality and your sense of humor comes through.” Mary Lou G.

“Your upbeat, energized, friendly manner makes the time fly. Your message is heart warming and invigorating. Thank you.” Pat S.

“First time coming to a Retreat and I will be back again. Very down to earth and enjoyable.” Paul M.

“I especially enjoyed the songs. You have a beautiful voice.” Ernest S.

“Looking forward to reading your book” Mary Beth S.

“Words of wisdom, mood altering concepts delivered in a warm, friendly manner. Wonderful!” Pat S.

“My morning prayer time today was so blessed because of you. I’m refreshed and grateful for all the Graces I’ve been given.” Clare H.

“This  was my first time coming to something like this. It helped me and made me think a lot. I will be coming back.” Samantha C.

“Inspirational, pleasant, uplifting and funny.” Andrew F.

“This was just such a positive three nights in my life at this time. Thank you so much.” Lois W.