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Jim’s Core Message

Jim opens all his retreat sessions with the song, “You Are Near” which brings home the fact that God’s Grace, His Love and His Light are always shining down on us. God’s presence is constant and everlasting. A minute of “Basking in God’s Presence” allows participants to understand who we really are, children of God made in His image and likeness. This moment of meditation sets the tone for the evening and can be seen as a new habit to be incorporated into our lives. It can give us consolation and encouragement to be more open to receive God’s Grace throughout our day. Jim immediately establishes rapport with his easy, down to earth style which makes it easy for parishioners to be open and ready to absorb new ideas in their quest to live their Christian lives more fully.

Christ want us to live lives of Joy and Happiness. Parishioners shake their heads in amazement as Jim opens their minds to the simple possibilities of living truly Christian lives that they never thought possible. The faithful are energized and excited about the wonders of living  lives being connected with our Lord and can’t wait to share their excitement with their families, friends and coworkers. Christ’s Gospel teachings come alive as they are related to daily life. The mystery of living a life of joy and happiness is solved.. Jim’s message plants the seeds of hope and encouragement of what living a Christ centered  life can bring.  They come back each evening wanting more, realizing that “Human Holiness” is within their reach.

We conclude each session with the song. “Mary Did You Know?”.


“It was the first time I looked forward to the next session and I’m 88 years old. There is no priest I know who could have done a better job than Jim. People like Jim Ryan give me so much hope for the future of the Church.” Margaret M.

“Jim is a true messenger of God. May he continue to nourish hearts. He certainly has a very special gift. Thank you.” –  Peggy
“It is always wonderful to be reminded of our humanness – how much God loves each one of us and that we are called to love one another. I needed to be reminded. Thank you.” – Anthony